The Minorities by Suffian Hakim

Four friends enter a large chamber in Old Changi Hospital, where ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural beings are having their weekly group therapy session.


Meet the four misfits living in one HDB flat.

One is a Malay–Jew who is trying to get his father to come back as a ghost. Cantona is a promising Bangladeshi artist on the run from a construction company. Tights is a Chinese illegal immigrant with a Forrest Gump obsession. And Shanti is a gifted Indian lab technician hiding from her abusive husband.

When a forlorn pontianak begins haunting them, the four friends find themselves embroiled in a surreal showdown that may just upend the world, or at least Singapore.

Written in Suffian Hakim's trademark humour, The Minorities is a novel about those living on the edges of society and their soulful bond.


Epigram Books (2018; print)

Storytel (2019; audiobook)

Comedy Horror Supernatural


Jolene Tan

Jolene Tan

Jolene Tan is an illustrator and animator who needs a cup of tea on both good and bad days. Her illustrations and animation pieces can be found on Instagram @fakejolart.


Suffian Hakim

Suffian Hakim is the author of two novels and is known for the Harry Potter parody, Harris bin Potter and The Stoned Philosopher (2015).

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